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Ansible modules for SmartOS imgadm and vmadm

As mentioned in an earlier post I'd been working on two new Ansible modules; for imgadm(1M) and vmadm(1M). So here I want to demonstrate these new modules which will be part of Ansible 2.3.


The imgadm module allow for managing both images and data sources. Let's …

Running Ansible in the SmartOS global zone

None of the machines I currently run SmartOS on are big enough to run SDC/Triton, so I looked at Rundeck for creating zone definitions. and provisioning new zones as jobs. However Rundeck is unable to dynamically add new option fields. This is required for example in order to …

Fun with Ansible variable interpolation

After losing some hair over the question how does Ansible do hiera-style %{} variable interpolation? I figured I'd jot down my findings. If nothing else, it'll serve as a handy cheatsheet for future me.


In Hiera one can do variable interpolation and internal lookups. So that's Hiera calls withing …

OpenBSD pkg.conf installpath handling with Ansible

Probably everyone using Ansible on OpenBSD figured this out already, but I thought it was quite a nifty application of Jinja templating.

The way pkg.conf is built when using multiple installpath lines is:

installpath = mirror1
installpath += mirror2

The template I settled on is:

{# Magic for handling the '=' vs …

Ansible pkgin module improvements

The default pkgsrc package manager for a bunch of platforms, including SmartOS, is pkgin. While working on a role for dsapid (see: Setting up a SmartOS image server) I noticed that several pieces of functionality of pkgin were not supported by the Ansible module.

As a result one couldn't …