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WireGuard on OpenBSD

Earlier this week I imported a port for WireGuard into the OpenBSD ports tree. At the moment we have the userland daemon and the tools available. The in-kernel implementation is only available for Linux. At the time of writing there are packages available for -current.

Jason A. Donenfeld (WireGuard …

nasm on OpenBSD

Recently I decided to study for the SLAE64 course from Pentester Academy to work on my assembly knowledge, specifically on x86_64. Through the course does focus on Linux I want to apply the knowledge to OpenBSD/amd64 too and thus I installed NASM and looked at what I needed to …

Setting up NetBox on OpenBSD

The following documents the steps needed to setup NetBox on OpenBSD. I am running NetBox on a PC Engines APU which holds up fairly well and I have since migrated my own setup from RackTables to NetBox, primarily because of the API functionality NetBox offers which allows for integration with …

OpenBSD pkg.conf installpath handling with Ansible

Probably everyone using Ansible on OpenBSD figured this out already, but I thought it was quite a nifty application of Jinja templating.

The way pkg.conf is built when using multiple installpath lines is:

installpath = mirror1
installpath += mirror2

The template I settled on is:

{# Magic for handling the '=' vs …

OpenBSD (U)EFI bootloader howto

Here's a quick howto of getting started with the new UEFI bootloader support in OpenBSD -current. This does assume the entire disk will be allocated by OpenBSD. Dual-booting in an UEFI setup requires extra steps which are not covered here.

By far the easiest method is to copy the miniroot58 …

Portscout for OpenBSD

Portscout is a neat tool that scans an entire ports tree and then checks the upstream sites for any new releases.

This tool was originally written for FreeBSD and this weekend I hacked it up to work on the OpenBSD ports tree too.

Welcome, OpenBSD!

While adding initial OpenBSD support …